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The IRS will not give up until you pay.

Tax Solutions Now!

Our team of former IRS agents and Tax Professionals can get you the best deal. Experts in new 2021 Fresh Start Programs.

Don't Fight The IRS Alone

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Get help from the most experienced Licensed Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Tax Attorneys.

Get Your Best Options

Find out which IRS programs you qualify for. Tax Solutions Now are experts in the Fresh Start Initiative, Covid-19 Tax Relief and others. 

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We Take Over All IRS Communication

Get immediate protection from aggressive IRS action enforcement.

One of our skilled tax specialists will talk to the IRS and freeze all aggressive action while we build your case and find a resolution.


Since 2014, Tax Solutions Now has settled millions in tax debt for a fraction of what was owed. Our licensed professionals, CPAs, attorneys, and IRS Enrolled Agents will get the IRS off your back. 

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